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At Metro Imaging Center, we focus on providing the best dental care with neuromuscular dentistry in mind. Neuromuscular dentistry is very different than the study of dentistry taught in most dental schools. While it involves teeth, it also involves bone structures and muscles, with an emphasis on muscles. 

The muscles of the face, including those of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), have predetermined lengths due to our genetics and determined by our DNA. We cannot change muscle length, though we can build up muscle, as well as add muscle tone and volume. Things may happen to our mouths over the years that can change, such as teeth changes (breakage and wear) and bone changes (breakage from trauma or whiplash). As the teeth and bones change, they're fighting against the predetermined muscle length which is genetically encoded, and this then causes the complex facial structures to no longer be in harmony as they may have been once before. When this happens, the resulting factors tend to cause excessive wear and tear on the teeth, in addition to tooth pain and headaches.

The link between the jaw and migraines

Many adults in our country suffer the occasional headache. For millions, the problem is more severe, affecting quality of life as much as six months out of every year. There are numerous types of headaches and a wide variety of triggers. From tension headaches to frequent migraines, headaches may stem from dysfunction in the jaw, or TMJ disorder. At Metro Imaging Center, we have been able to provide relief for hundreds of patients for whom traditional headache therapies could not achieve lasting relief.

As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Martin Fraschetti's job is to help you get maxillofacial muscle lengths back to where your genetic code intended for them to be. That may mean replacing missing tooth structure by adding dimension to grossly worn out teeth. It may mean that we need to balance your bite. It may mean that we need to open your bite up a little. It may mean a number of things, but the actual technique that we use is determined by our diagnostic equipment – some of the most sophisticated computer equipment and state-of-the-art devices in the area for measuring muscle tone and diagnosing neuromuscular conditions. In fact, Metro Imaging Center is one of the few dental locations in Michigan to have a CAT scan machine for use in properly diagnosing neuromuscular problems. 

When neuromuscular issues are addressed, you find relief from toothaches, headaches, and other conditions because your mouth is brought into complete harmony. Let Dr. Fraschetti and the Metro Imaging Center team synchronize discord in your body to allow you to live without pain and discomfort once and for all. 

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