The Way Migraines and Dentistry are Related Explained by a Dentist in Waterford

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Migraines are very burdensome, debilitating and difficult to treat. People with migraines often find themselves in a seemingly endless search for answers and ways to deal with the pain. Dental concerns may not be one of the first triggers that come to mind as causing headaches. Not all dentists will recognize, diagnose, or treat these issues either, so it is important to seek care from professionals who are trained and experienced in providing relief in this area. Metro Imaging Center in Waterford delivers innovative care with a correlation between migraines and dentistry, an angle that may be overlooked by many.

In treating the patient, we believe that it is important that needs are met in a way that brings the patients optimal health. When systems operate the way that nature intended, everything works and feels best. Things change in a person’s mouth structure and bite for various reasons, such as aging, dental work, and trauma. If some aspect ends up out of natural alignment, it can cause a domino effect. This could mean that the bite does not line up, which may wear down teeth, which may cause pain in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), leading to symptoms of TMJ disorder, including severe headaches. A patient finds that a small problem is suddenly a very big problem.

Knowing how to correct a person’s bite and restore proper alignment to the jaw can be effective in relieving many causes of headaches. Neuromuscular dentistry becomes a valuable tool, but unfortunately, not one that is widely practiced. Metro Imaging Center is one of the few dental providers in Michigan with associates and technology to provide patients with specialized TMJ treatment. Pinpointing the source of the pain and being able to deliver a solution is just another way that we meet the comprehensive needs of our valued dental patients.

If you are experiencing frequent or unrelenting headaches, if you have jaw pain, facial pain, or painful teeth, or if you have any concerns and wish to ask us to make an evaluation, call us at (248) 716-8572 to schedule an appointment with a TMJ doctor today. We are here to deliver oral care services for our patients to prevent, restore, and maintain their overall health, while specifically combatting symptoms of TMJ disorder.